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La Cattedra del pensiero


<em align="center">Cathedra Petri</em>
Cathedra Petri

The Chair in Thinking has not copyright.

It gives shape – as a chair, but not as an university chair – to the place from which is speaking anyone who has the faculty of speaking urbi et orbi. Anyone who has the faculty of speaking urbi et orbi is also the subject of our formula S A U m,f .

Of course, someone will deny the possibility of such a faculty. But it would make for an interesting debate.

It is the Chair in Thinking.

Very few have set there. Freud was the last one.

When someone sits there, she is speaking:

  1. about love (as opposed to «falling in love» and love as need),
  2. about the law of human motion (as opposed to instincts)
  3. about reality (as opposed to ontology)
  4. about thinking (as opposed to religion), provided one has been healed from the old-man Theories that are making humanity sick.

See the recent Il privilegio della guarigione (The Privilege of the Healing) by Giacomo B. Contri (

The Chair in Thinking is a chair for the layman. It does not involve the distinction between believers and non-believers.

Note. The well known Cathedra Petri designates the historically unique case in which such a power – related to the above-mentioned faculty or not – is invested upon an individual on behalf of a certain Society not homologous to other Societies.


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